Monday, May 30, 2011



First off, let me say that before I even knew that Miss Nina out-scored me in the IQ department by MILES... I knew only this-
That she was friggin' HOT.
That said-
The rest of what she is is something only wizards could have concocted.
(That's right. I said Wizards. Science is big, but only WIZARDS make magic.)

Here, jerks, is a TRUE BABE OF SCIENCE.
A REAL ONE. The genuine article.

A Scientist. A Brainiac. A Knockout.
The kind of "total package" that is only genetically possible in a truly limited number of combinations.

Let us take note of my friend, my inspiration... Nina Tandon.

Technically, Nina is a post-doctoral researcher at the laboratory for stem cells and tissue engineering at Columbia University and a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Cooper Union... but BLAH! Them's a whole lotta words to say what she REALLY IS...
One hot piece of Science Mass.

She could re-wire your home entertainment system into a Deathstar hologram that makes Hello kitty waffles...
and on the same night, hypnotize your puppy, Bio-Engineer you an Ewok, cook you a gourmet meal and revolutionize the mechanisms in your pace maker.

What's remarkable about Nina Tandon (beyond her being something of a human anomaly in her brains, drive and pure physical WooHa!) is that if you know Nina, you would never imagine that she is so many IQ points and accomplishments beyond you.
(Well, not YOU, whomever is reading this... more like... um... me.).

Nina is one of the coolest, most down to earth, HILARIOUS and genuinely decent people I have ever met... and I meet a lot of people.

Not many Professors of Electrical Shennaneganry at Cooper Union will get head butted with you by the late great Wesley Willis... or help you roll Fruit Sushi into the wee hours of the night.

Check out Nina in SCIENCE ACTION!:

and you can check out some of what Nina Tandon has published:

Look, I will level with ya.
As a woman of some intelligence... I sometimes feel disappointed in the world I live in.
Women are all too often given far too much merit for ridiculous things... shallow things.
Now, I'm all for staying slim n' trendy... but I feel like sometimes we lack female role models who show young girls that
it doesn't have to BE one or the other... you don't either have to be vapid and beautiful or brainy and homely.
Women like Nina (one of the too few that exist) remind us that it's possible to be EVERYTHING.
To be beautiful, hip, funny, cool, adorable, sexy AND intimidatingly brilliant.

The world needs to know about Nina Tandon.

I know I'm glad I do.


  1. She seems full of hot air. Looking at her bio its not a surprise, she spent some time at a consulting company.

    Her ideas are important though.